Basics of living blackjack

Live blackjack and other versions that you can live on the Internet are not very different from the game. The main difference here, you play in a living dealer company and still use the game, while the traditional online version is played only with the program. Some things to celebrate here:

  • Live blackjack plays with a player against home
  • Each game will be from two to eight decks
  • Once again, you need to get 21 glasses without ruin
  • All cards between two and nine defend their values.
  • All cards from him to the king are ten points each
  • ACE can cost 1 or 11 points depending on the situation

There are several small differences to celebrate here. Live Online Blackjack Games will usually be two rules depending on the casino for player's postcards. May omit or look face to face.

However, the seller will almost reduce the face of the card and the face of the card. The second card usually plays after the player decided to make what actions.

How do you play live?

Now we cleaned some basics of the experience of LiveBlackJack, to make time look closer than you play. To play Blackjack Online Live, there are some minor corrections of the rules, but in general the process is true. Let's take a look.

  • The player is open when there is a natural blackjack (10 points + ACE)
  • If a player and a blackjack dealer, the game goes to "push"
  • Both sides, bust, i.e. hands - more than 21 points

However, when the player's initial hand is below 21 points, many different courses can continue here. In fact, players will ask, shoot, stand, separately, divided or surrendered. Here is a brief explanation for each of them:

  • Strike: Another map is occupied by the player.
  • Conversation: The player is pleased with his own hands and does not want more cards.
  • Double The player is confident in the maps, and the rate wants to increase the size twice.
  • Split: The player decides to divide the beginning of the beginning of the beginning and divide the same amount of money in the new manual.
  • Give up: One player does not see the way to win. They give up and restore half of their bulbs.

After the player's decisions, the Blackjack Online player continues with a lively seller who gets the second card of the live game. Here are some other interesting rules for the factor:

  • When all actions play, hands are compared
  • If both hands have the same value, it will lead to the point, and you will get your money back
  • If the seller bust, the player even earns money

More Live Blackjack Rules

The key to the victory live game in Blackjack is to find everything according to the rules. There are many things here think a lot here, but we are confident that all you need to know quickly and in some way. Blackjack Online Live Seller should not differ from most games, and it is not. Here are the live games of the BlackJack seller.

  • Live Deler Blackjack playing with two to eight decks
  • Map is mixed after each round to minimize counting options.
  • If both players have equal hands, the game will lead to an increase
  • The seller will always hit 16 points in hand
  • The seller will stand in soft 17 hands
  • The player suddenly can break once
  • But the player will not be able to divide the 5th card, 5 or the map cost 10 points
  • Players will not be able to draw
  • Players can only throw twice in 9, 10 and 11
  • All split cards and the result are suitable for doubling the lower rates
  • If the seller, Personal Ace, the players can no longer give up

The seller of online blackjack is unlikely to be hive in stone. In other words, you can expect these rules a little different. Fortunately, the online casino will always be presented with a very detailed list of what you expect in every game you have always started.

How to pay live blackjack?

Payments here are actually very easy to see. 1: 1 ratio for your payment. Blackjack will pay 3: 2, and insurance rates will be paid at 2: 1.

Strategy Live Blackjack: What you need to know

Want to play a living dealer blackjack. Despite some small rules on the edge of the middle house here, despite some small rules, it will be very useful. This house belongs to the games that offer something from 4 to 8 decks.

There are several things to remember, trying to play live blackjack. To begin with, you do not want to double the seller against 10. You can still double in 9, 10 or 11.

Remember that drop or splitting can still be risky, especially if you play with ACE seller.


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