Rules of blackjack: How to play black jack card game

Blackjack is undoubtedly one of the best casino games out there, and getting familiar with its rules will help you achieve more when you play blackjack online for money. Casino blackjack rules are simple enough but to truly appreciate the game, you will need to get into the core rule set before you step towards some of the more advanced mechanics.

As a beginner, you will want to learn about card value, the basic language you may hear while at a blackjack table. We will walk you through all there is to know about the rules of black jack, explain the terms that may throw you off your game, and help you find out more about the best strategies that will allow you to play online and win!

If there is still a term that you are not too sure about, you can get in touch with us or practice playing blackjack online on the Internet.

Card Values

Card values are quite important in blackjack, and finding out more about their value will be an integral part of mastering the game and understanding the rules of blackjack. For starters, a blackjack game can be played with a 52-card deck, and each card in that deck has an assigned value.

  • The Ace allows you to play it as both 1 and 11 cards.

  • J, Q, and K. These cards all count as 10 points, and they are some of the best ones you can draw first.

    = 21
  • You have the cards from 2 to 10, which usually have their face value, i.e., for each 2, you will count two points towards your hand's strength, and hand strength is very important here.

    = 8

Here are some examples of how the cards are counted in this game:

  • The player holds the cards 3, 8, A = 12 points.

    = 12
  • The player has the cards 3, J, 7 = 20 points.

    = 20
  • The player holds the cards A, 8 = 19 points

    = 19
  • The player holds the cards A, J = 21 points

    • туз бубны
    • Валет червей
    = 21

Another essential aspect of blackjack is that all hands can be either "soft or hard." A soft hand contains an Ace that can be used as both 1 and 11. A hard hand cannot change its value. Soft hands are naturally the ones that we consider to be worthwhile, especially when you play blackjack online with real money. Let's have an example: the player holds the cards A and 6 = 17 points.

This is a brilliant example of a soft hand because the Ace will allow you to stay flexible, so even if you end up drawing 10, J, Q or Q on your next turn, you will still be able to go up to only 17 points, as 10, A and 6 = 17 points. However, you might end up drawing something different such as 2-5, and use the Ace as 11 points.

Then you have a "hard" hand, which means that if you have K and 7, you have a very high risk of exceeding 21 and busting. Essentially, a hard hand is one that does not feature an Ace.

There is also another thing to keep in mind. If you get an Ace and 10-K, you will hit a "natural blackjack," which has some 5% of it appearing on your first hand. A natural blackjack will almost surely mean that you have won this betting round.

Basic Terms / Terminology

To truly appreciate blackjack, you would need to familiarize yourself with the language. There are many terms that you would be better off learning as much as you can about. The list below will provide you with a detailed description of each.

Players The term refers to all participants who are not the dealer or the house and who are engaging in a blackjack game by placing a bet.
Dealer The person responsible for distributing the cards to players during a game of blackjack.
Shoe The place of the table where all cards are held; also is used to facilitate dealing and guarantee transparency.
Shuffle The act of shuffling the cards back together to prevent card counting.
Hand Two cards you are holding and can use to create a hand.
Chips The chips you use to make a wager.
Face Cards The cards that "have a picture" - i.e., the J, Q, K and A cards.
Bankroll The total amount of money you have and can use to play a game of blackjack.
Bust The term is used to denote that you have exceeded 21 points and thus "busted."
Blackjack The combination that leads to 21 points in the game.
Buy-In The amount you need to pay to participate in a game of blackjack.
Edge The small edge that the house has over you and other players.
Split Splitting your starter's hand into two separate ones. Requires making an additional bet.
Tie When there are no winners and the dealer and players are tied in their result.
Heads-Up A one-on-one game between the dealer and the player.
High Roller A person who is not afraid to bet big while playing a game of blackjack.

Step by Step Blackjack Gameplay

Alright, you have learned a lot about blackjack now, and you will be curious to have a quick example of how a regular game starts. The good news is that blackjack is very simple to get into, and your behavior at the table, whether you play in-person or online, follows the same blackjack card game rules.

  • 1

    To get started, each player will need to make a bet. The size cannot be lower or greater than the established table limit, but anything in between is picked at the player's discretion. Once the bets are made, the dealer will distribute two face-up cards for each player.

  • 2

    If you are playing an online version of the game, this will be an automated process that the software carries out quickly.

  • 3

    After all bets are made, the dealer distributes the cards. He starts with the player to his left and then distributes the cards clockwise until each player has two cards. The players' cards are face up in the process, while the dealer usually has one card face down, and the dealer only gets one card face-up.

  • 4

    Players are free to request as many additional cards as they want to, as long as they do not exceed the 21 points that are the breaking point for all blackjack games. Once the drawing process is ended, the cards held by players are compared to the dealer's ones.

Variety of Rules for Playing Blackjack

ou are mostly familiar with the blackjack casino rules. However, to master the game, we will cover the must-know terms that will dictate your play and assist you through every decision you have to make when enjoying your favorite game.

Basic Rules of Blackjack

The basic rules for playing blackjack mean the understanding of terms that dictate the pace of play. All blackjack versions are played with the same core principles, and once you memorize them, you will be able to carry on your own. They are very simple to commit to memory, too!

  • Hit:

    This is the basic term that indicates that you want another card.

  • Stand:

    If you stand, you are doing the opposite of hit. You are happy with your hand and don't need any additional cards.

  • Double Down;

    If you choose to double down on a bet, you are choosing to double your current wager.

  • Split:

    You will have the opportunity to split your hand when you have two of the same cards. Some options are great, but others are better left alone. You will learn how to split as you play along.

  • Resplit:

    If you think you should split once again after splitting your initial hand, this is called resplitting.

  • Splitting tens:

    Even though splitting tense seems like a reasonable thing to do, you really should stick with your tens as they get you up to 20 points, and there is no need to take on unnecessary risks.

  • Splitting fives or face cards:

    Once again, splitting 5's or face cards is not a good idea in blackjack. There are some blackjack myths that this move makes sense, but you must avoid it if you are playing blackjack online for real money.

  • Splitting Aces and Eights:

    If you play blackjack online for real money, then you will want to split your aces and eights as it boosts your chances of succeeding by a lot.

Blackjack Additional Rules

  • 21+3

    The 21+3 blackjack rule is a side bet that you will use to play blackjack and poker simultaneously. The rule here is simple, and it basically asks players to try and win the main condition, which is beating the dealer at 21 and looking into the side bet, which pits your hands against the dealer's. The side bet is won if you win a three-hand card that follows the logic of poker.

  • Insurance Blackjack

    Insurance Blackjack is one of the most hotly debated types of wagers in the game. While many players are naturally inclined to use it because it "insures" their money, it's still considered to be a poor choice and a waste of money. Basically, this bet allows you to place an ace if the dealer's up card is an ace, trying to prevent a natural blackjack from hitting you by restoring a part of your money back. However, experts have agreed that making this bet is really not helping anyone in the long term, and it might be best just to take your chances against the dealer instead.

Blackjack Dealer Rules

Just like players have an optional course of the play, so does the dealer respond differently based on the cards they have been given. Based on that knowledge, you will be able to find out a little more about the dealer's strategy when playing a game of blackjack.

The dealer will always draw a card if he has fewer than 17 points. All casinos ask their dealer to stick to a certain etiquette, and they must do so without faltering. If the dealer has over 17 points, they won't draw, which gives you an idea of whether you should be more aggressive with your hitting.

As you can see, the dealer is also bound to rules that will prove ultimately helpful to players. While you can't see their second card, you can still find out enough to know how to respond in some instances. You see, the rules for blackjack - they apply to the player and dealer in equal measure.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • When to Hit or Stand?

    Most basic black jack rules will tell you when to do either. When a dealer already has dealt the cards, the player to the left has to decide whether they need another card or not. The Hit and Stand dilemma is one that most blackjack players have experienced personally. To put it this way, the best way is to always refer to a "blackjack cheat sheet," which is an entirely legitimate way to monitor your bets and make your choices regarding hitting or standing.

  • Can you influence your chances of winning in Blackjack?

    Yes, you absolutely can. Just like many other games, blackjack is a game of luck and skill. Some players try to count cards, but the best ones know that using reference sheets and studying multiple strategies is usually a better way to ensure that you will pull ahead in the game in the long term.

  • Do all blackjack games provide their rules?

    Yes, you will run into different versions of blackjack, and they will all provide you with an explanation of the rules before you get started. If you have some doubt about how to play blackjack online, you will find the blackjack table rules very useful indeed!

  • What to do if I have more questions about a particular game?

    If you have read the blackjack rules and still have questions about a particular game, we recommend contacting customer support at the casino you are playing. Remember that most blackjack games can be played for free as well, so you can try and study a game before committing any real money.


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